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Support your King and Country!

Hands up anyone who is: sad or scared about the economy, or skint!

Right so that's most of you then and what about those of you with kids, chances are you are worried about their future in Great Britain today?

So what if there was a way that we could unite again as a nation to bring hope prosperity and some good old humour back into the hearts and smiles onto the faces of each and every one of you?

And the energy of happy hearts is so infectious, a really handy power boost in the dreary days we're all experiencing. How many of us cried with joy when Bolton midfielder, Fabrice Muamba took his miraculous first steps following his near death experience or when we cried with joy for William and Kate.

The answer to getting the "Great" back into Britain starts with a look at The Pearly King of Peckham AND longest reigning Pearly King, George Major's lifelong devotion as a Pearly King.

At just eight years' old, with the most harrowing life of abuse (shameless plug: go to Amazon and buy The Hidden Whistle and Flute, - hankies to the ready) George learnt from his beloved Auntie Iris that he had a Pearly Royal duty and a nation to serve and it started with him spreading kindness, and spending time with his mentally ill sister, Violet, who was so cruelly torn away from his family and left alone in a home for the handicapped.

Following Pearly King duties, George has devoted his entire life to caring for the poor sick and needy, in his case, raising millions for charities, fighting, against all odd, to keep the original Victorian Pearly suits from the 1860's , ( now protected under The Pearly Kings & Queens Guild ), in this country.

He has spent thirty five years trying to build a Cockney Museum to tell and preserve the true social history of old London and educate generations to come about how The Costermongers and Pearly Kings and Queens set the foundation of helping the poor sick and needy which was the majority, just like today of London and all cities across the nation and beyond.

Well the World's FIRST EVER Cockney Museum is about to launch this summer. It will take the form of a giant bendy bus which looks like an old fashioned Victorian Street both on the inside and exterior, and the Vintage Waltzer ride "Cockney Pride" and with your kind donations, in two years time we move to our static site in the heart of London.

The thing is, George cannot do it alone and he is calling on you his people to dig deep into your pockets to donate money to get the people's museum the permanent residence, it warrants.

"Our future generations has new survival lessons to learn amid so much uncertainty, we've moved away from "Consumer Britain", into the unknown, and why we need the learning centre of The Cockney Museum to teach people the warm hearted, never give up principles of the Pearly Kings and Queens" The Pearly King of Peckham

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In search of the crown jewels: read the fascinating story about how The Cockney museum started...

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